Artist Statement - Cycles Bikes & Bins

I hold a deep admiration for Edward Hopper's ability to evoke mood, tension, and mystery in his paintings. In my own work, exemplified by "Cycles Bikes & Bins," I deliberately portray an urban landscape devoid of human presence. This intentional absence serves to amplify the sense of emptiness and solitude that often permeates the bustling environment of a city street. Paradoxically, amid this isolation, I choose to illuminate motorcycles, bicycles, and newspaper stands with vibrant, saturated colors, bathed in serene and diffused lighting.

Through this juxtaposition, I aim to convey a philosophical underpinning inspired by Zen nothingness and the Buddhist concept of the ever-present moment. The deliberate choice of vivid hues and the interplay of light on these inanimate objects create a visual narrative that goes beyond the surface, inviting viewers to reflect on the inherent tranquility within the urban hustle—a contemplative pause amidst the apparent emptiness.